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amazon com being nixon a man divided 9780812985412 - evan thomas is the author of nine books the wise men with walter isaacson the man to see the very best men robert kennedy john paul jones sea of thunder the war lovers ike s bluff and being nixon john paul jones and sea of thunder were new york times bestsellers thomas was a writer correspondent and editor for thirty three years at time and newsweek including ten years 1986, amazon com nixon s white house wars the battles that - from vietnam to the southern strategy from the opening of china to the scandal of watergate pat buchanan speechwriter and senior adviser to president nixon tells the untold story of nixon s embattled white house from its historic wins to it devastating defeats, richard m nixon the white house - reconciliation was the first goal set by president richard m nixon the nation was painfully divided with turbulence in the cities and war overseas, best books of 2014 npr - npr s book concierge our guide to 2014 s great reads by nicole cohen david eads rose friedman becky lettenberger petra mayer beth novey and christina rees published december 3 2014, richard m nixon u s history com - richard m nixon was one of the two most successful national politicians in american history he won four national elections twice for the vice presidency and twice for the presidency, nixon auction realty auctions - real estate auction 1 30 pm wednesday november 28 2018 on site kiowa ks this will have pictures posted soon and sale bills are around the area, with nixon in 68 the year america came apart wnd - on the night of jan 31 1968 as tens of thousands of viet cong guerrillas attacked the major cities of south vietnam in violation of a lunar new year truce richard nixon was flying secretly to, the great republic presidents and states of the united states - the great republic presidents and states of the united states of america and comments on american history taking everything together then i declare that our city is the school or education of greece t s hell dos pa deusis and i declare that in my opinion each single one of our citizens in all the manifold aspects of life is able to show himself the rightful lord and owner of, nixon s silent majority speech - president nixon s address to the nation on the war in vietnam good evening my fellow americans tonight i want to talk to you on a subject of deep concern to all americans and to many people in all parts of the world the war in vietnam, triangular diplomacy u s ussr and china ushistory org - nixon s china game this extensive site is the online version of nixon s china game a film from the american experience series on pbs highlights include an interactive timeline that ranges from 1945 to 1979 and the people and events page that will give you an excellent overview of the evolution of the relationship between the u s and china and the role the soviet union played in bringing